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Cocoa Shell Distributors Wanted

Why Sell Cocoa Shell Mulch

Blommer Cocoa Shell MulchCocoa shell practically sells itself! Here are some of the many reasons hobbyists, homeowners, professionals, and contractors prefer cocoa shell mulch. If you'd like more information on where to buy cocoa shell, please call us at 1-414-270-9997, or contact us online.

  1. Chocolate aroma - creates a positive association (Everyone loves chocolate!)
  2. Holds moisture
  3. Easy maintenance - just dress the top and the shell is like new
  4. Beautiful Appearance
  5. Loosens the soil
  6. Does not attract insects
  7. Dark color is unphased by the bleaching sun
  8. Insulates roots from extreme temperatures
  9. Environmentally friendly recycled product
  10. Recurring Sales

Why National Cocoa Shell

  1. Quality Product
    • Low moisture, low shrinkage due to molding in bags.
    • Clear, four mil, UV protected bag with double sided print.
    • Double stretch wrapped, four mil, UV protected full, length pallet cover.
    • Four-way, hardwood, food grade pallet.
  2. Consistent Supply
    • Conservative forecasting to avoid over commitments.
    • Multiple production facilities.
    • Long term partnership with world-class chocolate company.
  3. Premium Pricing
    • Largest high volume producer of cocoa shell mulch in the country.
    • Costs are easily controlled and savings passed on to customers.
    • Lower shrinkage or per unit cost.
    • Large seasonal discounts match supply and demand.
  4. Easily Accessible
    • Immediate access to live, friendly, timely, and courteous staff.
    • Responsive customer service to answer questions and solve problems.
    • Long term business understanding.
  5. Trustworthy Business
    • No customer mining.
    • We will deliver as promised.
  6. Excellent Logistics
    • Three strategic plants located in Chicago, San Francisco, and Philadelphia.
    • Only company to offer coast to coast production.

National Cocoa Shell can deliver this premium environmentally friendly cocoa shell to you for your club or retail outlets. Please contact us to find out more about National Cocoa Shell and the great benefits of cocoa shell mulch.